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Why Solar...?

  • Solar is a green energy and environment friendly.

  • Sun rises daily and we daily utilize solar energy. Pakistan has prime geographical location for solar energy.

  • Solar Panels have 25 years of life. So, your investment is safe.

  • Solar energy feeds your load whole day hence minimizing the dependencies on WAPDA.

  • Solar energy reduces electricity bills up to 40%-60%

  • Government of Pakistan supports to install solar system.

  • Solar energy removes load shedding.

Why We...?

  • We technically design and customize solar system from customer reported issues.

  • We give one-year warranty for our solar system.

  • Through team of qualified engineers and expert technicians, we ensure the quality of system installation and make sure that customer reported issues are addressed properly.

  • We just don’t sell solutions, we carefully address customer queries in best technical ways.

  • We make solar affordable! we propose a quality system in very reasonable rates.

  • 1-year free system maintenance visits after solar system installation.

  • We provide reliable after sales support through Complains Management Strategy (CMS)




We design and commission all three types of Solar System Solutions (On-Grid, Off-Grid and Hybrid) at all customer levels. Pre-built solar packages and fully customized solar solutions at your doorstep all over Pakistan.

We don’t charge for solar surveys. So, feel free to call for estimation of your solar system energy requirement at your site and get the initial technical report.

We just don’t sell solar systems, we also facilitate you with the quick technical support after the expiry of the warranty period. 

If you have a currently running solar system from any other installer, we also provide solar system’s corrective and preventive maintenance services.

Six Sigma experts in designing solar tube-wells solutions with supreme quality at best prices. The package includes system designing, on-site commissioning and 1 year free maintenance services. Avoid heavy fuel charges of generators and empower your tube-wells with natural and environment friendly source of energy – Solar. The life of system is minimum 25 years. 

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